Herb Formulas Notebook

Wu Ji San

(Five Accumulations Powder)

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Source: Secret Formulas to Manage Trauma and Reconnect Fractures Received from an Immortal (c. 846)

Category: Formulas that Release Exterior-Interior Excess

Pattern: Externally contracted Wind-Cold with internal injury due to Cold (usually pre-existing from improper diet)

Key Symptoms: Fever and chills without sweating, headache, body aches, stiff neck and back, a sensation of fullness in the chest and abdomen, nausea and aversion to food, vomiting, abdominal pain and cold, diarrhoea with borborygmus

Tongue: White and greasy coating
Pulse: Submerged and wiry or floating and slow

Ma Huang 1.5-4.5g
Bai Zhi 1.5-4.5g
Gan Jiang 1.5-4.5g
Rou Gui 1.5-4.5g
Cang Zhu 3-9g
Hou Po 1.5-4.5g
Chen Pi 3-9g
Zhi Ban Xia 3-9g
Fu Ling 3-9g
Jie Geng 3-9g
Zhi Ke 1.5-4.5g
Dang Gui 1.5-4.5g
Bai Shao 1.5-4.5g
Chuan Xiong 1.5-4.5g
Gan Cao 1.5-4.5g

Preparation: Grind the ingredients into a powder and set Rou Gui and Zhi Ke aside. Fry the remaining ingredients over a low heat until the powder changes colour, allow to cool and add the Rou Gui and Zhi Ke. Take 9g as a draft with 3 slices of Sheng Jiang. Can also be prepared as a decoction with the doses given.

Actions: Releases the Exterior, warms the Interior, smoothes the flow of Qi, transforms Phlegm, invigorates Blood, reduces accumulation

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