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Herb Formulas Notebook

Wu Wu Xiang Ru San

(Five Substance Mosla Powder)

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Source: Medical Formulas Collected and Analysed (1682)
Author: Wang Ang / Ren-An

Category: Formulas that Dispel Summerheat

Pattern: Yin Summerheat, or Exterior Cold with severe Dampness in the Interior contracted in the summer

Key Symptoms: Abdominal distention and pain with diarrhoea and vomiting, chills with skin that warm to the touch, absence of sweating, heaviness in the head, headache, a stifling sensation in the chest, fatigued extremities

Tongue: White, greasy tongue coating
Pulse: Floating

Xiang Ru 12g
Bai Bian Dou 6g (dry fried)
Hou Po 6g (Ginger fried)
Fu Ling 6g
Gan Cao 6g

Preparation: Grind into a coarse powder and take 9g as a draft. Traditionally taken with a small amount of wine is added to the draft and taken cold. May also be prepared as a decoction with the dosages above.

Actions: Releases the Exterior, scatters Cold, transforms Dampness, harmonises the Middle Jiao

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