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Xin Yi San

Magnolia Flower Powder

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Source: Formulas to Aid the Living (1253)
Author: Yan Yong-He

Category: Formulas that Expel Wind

Pattern: Wind-Cold invasion

Key Symptoms: Nasal obstruction and pain, persistent copious nasal discharge, loss of smell, headache

Xin Yi Hua 6g
Chuan Xiong 6g
Mu Tong 6g
Xi Xin 6g
Fang Feng 6g
Qiang Huo 6g
Gao Ben 6g
Sheng Ma 6g
Bai Zhi 6g
Zhi Gan Cao 6g

For legal reasons the following substitions may be necessary in the UK:
Mu Tong may be substituted with Qu Mai
Xi Xin is best substituted with Cong Bai and Bai Zhi. Bai Zhi is already in the formula so the dosage may be increased. Cong Bai (spring onion) is not usually dried for powdering so either the whole formula may be turned into a decoction with Cong Bai added, or this may be decocted separately with the tea to be taken with the powder.

Preparation: Ground into a fine powder with 6g taken with tea after meals

Actions: Disperses Wind-Cold, unblocks the nasal passages

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