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Diffuse Constraint and Unblocks the Channels Decoction

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Source: Fu Qing-Zhu's Women's Disorders (1826)
Author: Fu Qing-Zhu

Category: Formulas that Regulate Blood

Pattern: Liver Qi constraint turning into Fire

Key Symptoms: Pain before the onset of the period, periods with dark red clots. Usually chronic without a distinctive cause marking the onset of symptoms.

Bai Shao 15g
Dang Gui 15g
Mu Dan Pi 15g
Zhi Zi 9g
Bai Jie Zi 6g
Chai Hu 3g
Xiang Fu 3g
Yu Jin 3g
Huang Qin 3g
Gan Cao 3g

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Softens the Liver, releases constraint, dredges the Channels, drains Fire

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