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Zhou Gong Bai Sui Jiu

Master Zhou's Hundred Years Wine

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Source: Chinese Medicinal Wines and Elixirs (2008)
Author: Various

Category: Formulas that Tonify Qi and Blood

Pattern: Qi, Blood, Jing and Marrow deficiency

Key Symptoms: Timid Qi and fatigued Spirit, emaciated body, soreness and weakness of the lower back, palpitations and poor memory

Huang Qi 30g
Fu Shen 30g
Rou Gui 10g
Dang Gui 18g
Sheng Di Huang 20g
Shu Di Huang 20g
Dang Shen 15g
Bai Zhu 15g
Mai Men Dong 15g
Fu Ling 15g
Chen Pi 15g
Shan Zhu Yu 15g
Gou Qi Zi 15g
Chuan Xiong 15g
Fang Feng 15g
Gui Ban Jiao 15g
Wu Wei Zi 12g
Qiang Huo 12g
Gao Liang Jiu 1.95L

Gao Liang Jiu is a distilled sourghum wine with a 40-60% alcohol content. It can be substituted with another high strength spirit if desired.
Gui Ban Jiao cannot be used in the UK and should be substituted. Sheng Di Huang and Shu Di Huang are the standard replacements which are both already in this formula. Their quantities could be increased or additional Yin tonics such as Nu Zhen Zi and Mo Han Lian can be used instead.

Preparation: Grind the herbs into a fine powder and place them in a jar with the Gao Liang Jiu for 7 days. Open, remove the dregs and store for use. Drink one small teacup warm on an empty stomach three times per day.

Actions: Strengthens the Yuan Qi, harmonises the Blood vessels, increases the Jing, supplements the Marrow.

Contraindications: Damp-Heat conditions and long term use due to the harmful effects on continuous alcohol consumption.

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