Herbal Medicine

Customised Chinese Herbal Formulas

Substances found in the environment have been used medicinally ever since we learned that what we ate, drank or applied to our skin affected our bodies. While the western tradition searched for individual substances that target a single mechanism in China the tradition of combining several whole ingredients into synergistic formulae has survived. This allows it to approach problems from multiple directions, evolving in accordance with the present needs of the patient, their strengths and weaknesses, the stage of the condition and the changes that may have taken place between each visit to address complex issues.

Modern practice combines scientific evidence with traditional lore: creating formulas that are based on the recipes which have worked best over time, modified according to each individual's specific patterns and reinforced with research into particular ingredients which have demonstrated effects in laboratory or clinical trials.

For most patterns it is advised to develop a plan after the initial consultation and then have the formula put together and collected later. Initial follow ups should be conducted frequently to adjust the formula and perfect the balance of ingredients after which there may be longer breaks between visits if continued treatment is required.

Although safe when correctly applied by a trained practitioner, herbal medicines do have actions on the body so it is important that your herbalist monitor you while you are taking them to prevent unnecessary prescriptions and continuously optimise the formula to suit your needs.