Moxa Heat Therapy

艾灸 Ai Jiu

A moxa stick

Direct moxa

"Warm needles" with moxa on top

Moxibustion is the use of burning herbs to apply heat to points. It is thought to pre-date the use of needles and still enjoys great popularity in both its traditional form and using modern infrared lamps. It is such an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine that the proper name for acupuncture, 针灸 Zhen Jiu, is more accurately translated as needle-moxa therapy.

It may be used on its own, or in conjunction with acupuncture or tui na.

It is applied by holding a cigar-shaped stick close to the area, placing cones directly on the skin a short distance away, inserted into a massage roller, or positioned on top of needles to send the heat deeply into a point.

"Lion & Tiger Warmer" hot massage rollers

An infrared heat lamp