My Philosophy

The Principles of my Practice

With the wealth of ideas about health and Chinese medicine out there I think it is important to say a few words on my approach to the subject. Medicine always depends on its philosophical foundations since without any idea of what life is we cannot say how we intend to improve it.

My approach can be summarised as:
  • Health is determined by hereditary factors, environmental factors and lifestyle factors
  • The habits we cultivate influence the direction we develop, towards health or illness
  • Therapy helps us slow down, clarify the changes we need to make and facilitate them to happen
  • This can be applied to movement, rest, diet, ways of thinking, acting and lifestyle
  • Making many small changes to several systems can create a general shift into a healthier pattern
This reconciles what the ancient physician-philosophers wrote about and what we currently know about physiology and therapeutics. It is also general enough to resonate with people from many different backgrounds, beliefs and situations.