Acupuncture Points Notebook

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: Muchuang : Window of the Eye

GB-16 : Foot Shaoyang Gall Bladder 16

One of the "59 piercings" for clearing Heat in Su Wen Ch. 61

Meeting of Gall Bladder with Yang Wei Mai

Above the forehead, on a curved line drawn between Toulinqi GB-15 and Fengchi GB-20, following the contour of the cranium, 1.5 cun posterior to Toulinqi GB-15 or one third of the distance between Toulingqi GB-15 and Chengling GB-18 (level with Baihai Du-20).

Transverse insertion 0.5 - 1.5 cun in the direction of symptoms or to connect with other points.

TCM Actions:
Benefits the eyes
Eliminates wind and alleviates pain

TCM Indications:
  • Visual dizziness, superficial visual obstruction, redness, swelling and pain of the eyes, short sightedness, all kinds of eye diseases.
  • Headache, swelling of the head and face, toothache of the upper jaw, swelling of the gums, nasal congestion, epilepsy.
  • Aversion to cold chills and fever with absence of sweating.

    Superficial Innervation: CN V1 ophthalamic branch of trigeminal
    Dermatome Segment: CN V1 ophthalamic branch of trigeminal

    The "59 piercings" are named in the Su Wen Ch. 61 and mentioned in Su Wen Ch. 32 for treating Heat diseases. This point along with Toulingqi GB-15, Zhengying GB-17, Chengling GB-18 and Naokong Bl-9 clear Heat from counterflow in the foot Shaoyang Gall Bladder channel.

    Ling Shu Ch. 24, On Counterflow Diseases, seems to employs this set of points in treating headache, dizziness and heaviness of the head. It advises draining from the five points on each of the five channels on the top of the head, including this point, followed by the hand Shaoyin and then foot Shaoyin.

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