Acupuncture Points Notebook

: Wenliu : Warm Flow

LI-7 : Hand Yangming Large Intestine 7

Xi-Cleft point

5 cun proximal to Yangxi L.I.-5 on the line connecting Yangxi L.I.-5 with Quchi L.I.-11

Transverse-oblique insertion 0.5 - 1 cun

TCM Actions:
Clears heat and detoxifies poison
Moderates acute conditions
Regulates and harmonises the intestines and stomach
Clears yangming fire and calms the spirit

TCM Indications:
  • Headache, deviation of the face and mouth, redness, swelling and pain of the face, clove sores, carbuncle and furuncle, pain of the teeth and mouth, tongue thrusting, throat painful obstruction with loss of voice.
  • Borborygmus with abdominal pain, abdominal distension, vomiting of watery saliva and foam, sudden swelling of the four limbs.
  • Frequent laughter, raving, seeing ghosts.
  • Pain and difficulty in raising the shoulder and arm.

    Superficial Innervation: Lateral cutaneous nerve of the forearm from C5 - C6
    Dermatome Segment: C6

    In Tung acupuncture the Qi Jiao, Cycle Horn, point is located 1 cun distal to this point, or 4 cun proximal to Yangxi LI-5, and the Qi Zheng, Cycle Correct, point is located 1 cun proximal to this point (6 cun proximal to Yangxi LI-5) on the Large Intestine line. Both of their indications include many problems of the lower abdomen (bowel, gynae and urinary) as well as the throat and neck. They are often combined with each other and Qi Men, 2 cun proximal to Yangxi LI-5 (Chu, 2015).


    In Thai massage:
    Acupressure point (Salguero & Roylance, 2011, Encyclopedia of Thai Massage)

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