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: Yinjiao : Yin Intersection

Ren-7 : Extraordinary Conception Vessel 7

Master Tung's Bowel Nest Twenty-Three

Meeting of Conception Vessel with Chong Mai and Kidney

On the midline of the lower abdomen, 1 cun inferior to the umbilicus and 4 cun superior to the pubic symphysis.

Perpendicular insertion 0.8 - 1.5 cun

Deep needling may penetrate the peritoneal cavity. No deep needling in pregnancy, or perpendicular needling in advanced pregnancy.

TCM Actions:
Regulates menstruation
Benefits the lower abdomen and genital region

TCM Indications:
  • Uterine bleeding, irregular menstruation, amenorrhoea, infertility, laucorrhoea, persistent flow of lochia, diseases of the breast.
  • Hardness and pain of the abdomen radiating to the genitals, retraction of the testicles, painful shan disorder, cold shan disorder, sweating of the genitals, damp itching of the genitals, pain of the hypogastrium, heat sensation below the umbilicus, pain and cold around the umbilicus.
  • Retention of urine and faeces, inability to urinate, dark urine, oedema, sudden turmoil disorder, borborygmus.
  • Pain of the lumbar spine and knees, failure of the fontanelle to close.
  • Nosebleed, running piglet qi, vomiting blood, pain of the chest and lateral costal region.

    Superficial Innervation: Anterior cutaneous thoracic nerve from T11
    Dermatome Segment: T11

    Li Shi Zhen thought this was the intersection of all three leg yin channels: Liver, Spleen and Kidney, as well as the Chong mai and Gall Bladder (Yuen, 2005, The Eight Extraordinary Vessels).


    This point is also indicated in problems with the Fourth Level of Manifestation of the Soul, or the Anahata chakra, concerned with creation, "mind becoming matter" and the ability to turn ideas into actions that have consequences. This manifests in hopelessness, cynicism and inability to see reality as illusion.
    The other points in this set are Baihui Du-20, Huiyang Bl-35.
    Before the Ming Dynasty this Huiyin Ren-1 was used until points around the genitals became taboo (Yuen, 2005, 3 Spirits & 7 Souls).


    This point treats disorders of the Lower Burner in a San Jiao treatment (Wang & Robertson, 2008, Applied Channel Theory).


    In Tung lineage acupuncture the Bowel Nest 23 (Fu Chao Er Shi San) are a group of points located in a line at 1 cun intervals between Ren-2 and Ren-10. An additional eight points on either side form a 4x5 grid at the levels of Ren-9 to Ren-5, also at 1 cun intervals. Ren-8, on the navel, is not included.

    They are pricked using Tung's method in local disorders of pain, stagnation and heat in the abdomen such as uteritis, nephritis, umbilical area pain, enteritis, appendicitis and intestinal cancers (McCann, 2014, Pricking the Vessels).


    In Tibetan medicine:
    Upper intestine points, along with points to the left and right. Can be treated with cones of dried edelweiss flowers (Trah-wah) on crushed garlic for diarrhoea caused by disturbance of mLung (Bradley, 2000: Principles of Tibetan Medicine)

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