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St-29 : Foot Yangming Stomach 29

On the abdomen, 2 cun lateral to the midline and 4 cun inferior to the umbilicus, level with Zhongji Ren-3.

Perpendicular insertion 1 - 1.5 cun

Deep needling may penetrate the peritoneal cavity in thin subjects or a full bladder. Patients should empty the bladder before needling

TCM Actions:
Warms the lower jiao
Regulates menstruation and benefits the genital region

TCM Indications:
  • Amenorrhoea, irregular menstruation, uterine (ji) masses, uterine prolapse, swelling, pain and cold of the vagina, infertility, leucorrhoea.
  • Retraction of the testicles, pain of the penis, impotence, seminal emission, nocturnal urination, the seven kinds of shan disorder, running piglet qi, hypogastric pain.

    Superficial Innervation: Femoral branches of gentiofemoral nerves from L1
    Dermatome Segment: L1

    Lad and Durve (2008) in Marma Points of Ayurveda locate a point slightly lateral to this (midway between Bhaga / Qugu Ren-2 and Lohita / Wushu GB-27) called Vankshana and associate it with the doshas: Apana Vayu, Vyana Vayu, Kledaka Kapha and Ranjaka Pitta.

    They give the following functions:
    - Regulates male and female reproductive organs
    - Enhances circulation in pelvic organs
    - Relieves local congestion and inflammation
    - Regulates bladder sphincter and treats urinary dysfunction

    In Tibetan medicine:
    Moxa point (AMNH, Tibetan Medical Paintings)

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