Before Your Visit

Before you arrive I recommend making the following preparations:
  • Make sure you have eaten something that day but avoid a heavy meal in the hour before arriving
  • Avoid alcohol or recreational drugs
  • Bring a list of any medication you are taking, investigations, allergies or other relevant information
  • If you may require any urgent medication make sure you bring some and we know where it is
  • Wear loose fitting clothing that can be easily moved or removed if necessary
  • Try to arrange some time after the session to maximize the benefits
It is not required that you inform your doctor before coming but if you are intending to reduce or stop taking medication then it is important that your doctor be consulted before making any change in your prescription.

After Your Visit

Most treatments require no specific aftercare but I usually recommend that for the next hour you should:
  • Wait until any light headed feelings are gone before driving or operating machinery
  • Avoid intoxication, heavy exercise and stressful or emotional situations
  • Stay hydrated and rest if you need to
  • Observe how you feel different and reflect on anything you have learned
If we have managed to resolve any symptoms it is good to pay attention to anything that makes them return so we can identify triggers, patterns and causes.