Costs - Times - Discounts


Several tiers of payment are possible depending on a clients ability to pay:
  • 40 per standard session
  • 20 concession rate for those claiming income benefits


First visit includes a consultation with treatment plan and a treatment which is mutually agreed upon.
  • A standard session lasts 40-50 minutes with roughly half consultation and half treatment
  • Extended treatments are possible at a rate of 20 per extra 20-25 minutes, as agreed after consultation.
  • While I try to make myself available for urgent visits they may not always be possible and require an extra charge to cover costs and inconvenience.


Herbal consultations are offered separate or in addition to other treatments and vary according to size and cost of ingredients.
  • Consultation fee: 20 if no other therapies are taken.
  • An average batch of 7 bags lasts 2 weeks, averaging 40-60.
  • Basic cost of formulae: 3 per bag packing fee + 2p per gram of herbs.
  • Rare or expensive herbs may require an additional charge to meet with costs.
  • Each bag can make up to two days of medicine, except in cases of very large formulas.
  • A fresh consultation should be undertaken initially with each batch and then periodically to assess changes.
Small, simple formulas may be prepared on the spot but most will be calculated after the consultation and invoiced via email, prepared once payment is received and a message sent when ready for collection.


Half price follow-up sessions of acupuncture or Tui Na (not herbs) are possible if multiple sessions are required in one week:
  • 40 for one session weekly
  • 60 for twice weekly
  • 80 for three visits in one week, etc.
Available at my discretion and does not apply to those already paying a concession rate or those on corporate rates being refunded by insurance.

Treatment Blocks

Advance payment:
  • 200 block of 6 sessions (usually 240)
  • Valid up to one year from initial session
  • 100 concession rate for a block
  • Does not apply to corporate bookings claimed on insurance
A block may also be used for more intensive treatments if mutually agreed on:
  • 2 sessions a week over 4 weeks
  • 3 sessions a week over 3 weeks


Cancellations or changes to appointment times should be made 24 hours in advance.
Not turning up or repeated last minute cancellations may incur half the charge of the session.


Many insurance companies now cover acupuncture. When claiming for insurance remember:
  • Check with your provider, their requirements, terms and conditions, and which professional bodies they cover
  • An administration fee may be levied depending on the paperwork and process required
  • Block bookings and discounts for frequent treatments are usually not available on insurance

Methods of Payment

I accept the following methods of payment:
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • American Express
Cards incur a 3% transaction fee.